2015 Causes

Cover your Chin for Charity is proud to be contributing to three worthy causes this year. Your donations will support these in-need charities.  Just be sure to chose which cause you would like to support when you choose which contestant you are are supporting. Thank you!

Scholarship Fund for- Camp Possibilitiescampp www.camppossibilities.org is a camp for children with diabetes between the ages of 8 and 15 who, due to the complexity of diabetes management often do not get the chance to go to a summer camp. Camp Possibilities offer’s swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, basketball, field games, nature walks, talent shows, dances and many other activities. Camp Possibilities also educates their campers through dedicated support sessions that are informative and encouraging. Throughout any given day at camp, children will frequently interact with our medical staff and counselors where personalized information about managing diabetes is shared with them.

bayBay Water Animal Shelter-
Bay Water Animal Rescue
Since 1947 our staff and volunteers have been caring for and saving animals.  Baywater Animal Rescue, a No Kill humane organization, is dedicated to the principle that every animal deserves to live. By working with people, implementing life-saving programs, and treating each life as precious, we have created an organization that positively effects the lives of countless animals and the people that care about them.

mentalThe Veterans Fund program at the Mental Health Association in Talbot County (MHATC) is a one-time only, direct assistance program for veterans who do not qualify for typical assistance programs, or may be waiting for their VA benefits to take effect.Men and Woman who receive a grant from the Veterans Fund are in desperate situations; likely in need of medical care for themselves or their children,  or in imminent danger of losing their homes, their utilities, transportation and more. Since beginning this program, MHATC has helped a great many veterans get the emergency funds they have needed to continue productive lives.Requests made to Veterans Fund for assistance far exceed our ability to help some of these family’s through a most difficult time in their life. 100% of donations received are used directly to benefit United States Military Veterans and their families.Committed to serve those who have served, MHATC takes no administrative fees from this program.   http://mhamdes.org/veterans.htm