2018 Growers

Some started clean shaven and others signed up for the Existing Beard Category

Watch this page as we post images provided by the growers of their transformation!

Craig Behrin

Howard Bogac

Clay Buritsch

Rob Carroll

Shawn Carter

Wil Chapman**

Josh Clow

Landy Cook

Jonathan Crist

Paul Detrich

Cory Devaric

Ron Engle

David Ferraris**

Ryan Finch**

Craig Fuller

Michael Garman

Jon Grow**

Wade Haerle

Mike Harris

Jeremy Hillyard

Jeremy Joseph**

Chuck Leitzer

Jeff Lloyd

Josh McCall

Ron McDonald

Branden Meredith

Jackie Miller

James Pierson

Brian Price

Shane Robinson

Bob Roberts

Joel Shilliday**

Edward Lee Smith

Ben Soistman

Andrew Southworth**

Jon Southworth

Corey Spies

Cullan Strong

Dominic Szwaja**

Gary Swanner

Adam Theeke**

Lamont Thompson

Brian Tyler**

Mike Valliant

Ron Venner**


** Past winner