2019-2020 Causes

Cover your Chin for Charity is proud to be contributing to three worthy causes this year. Your donations will support these in-need charities.

Just be sure to choose which cause you would like to support when you choose which contestant you are are supporting. Thank you!


Hill Hounds Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is located in Denton, MD and is non-profit organization established with an objective to provide safe, temporary or permanent homes for cats and dogs when their owners are not able to take care of them and to help animal shelters by taking in the less adoptable animals.

Learn more here: hillhounds.org


The Mid Shore Veterans Group is committed to assisting U.S. Veterans on the Mid Shore of all foreign conflicts, and beyond that, U.S. Veterans who have served our Country in any capacity, in any country, at any time…

Learn more here: msrvg.org






Care Packs of Talbot County is on a mission to prevent weekend hunger among Easton Elementary’s most economically vulnerable students. Our immediate goal is to provide a backpack filled with nutritious foods for our most vulnerable students, including our homeless students and other families in crisis, to take home on weekends.

Learn more here: eescarepacks.org