2018-2019 Causes

Cover your Chin for Charity is proud to be contributing to these worthy causes this year.
Your donations will support these in-need charities.
Just be sure to choose which cause you would like to support when you choose which contestant you are are supporting.
Thank you!

Care Packs of Talbot County are on a mission  to prevent weekend hunger among Easton Elementary’s most economically vulnerable students

Our immediate goal is to provide a backpack filled with nutritious foods for our most vulnerable students, including our homeless students and other families in crisis, to take home on weekends.

Learn more here: http://eescarepacks.org/




bayBay Water Animal Shelter-

Since 1947 our staff and volunteers have been caring for and saving animals.  Baywater Animal Rescue, a No Kill humane organization, is dedicated to the principle that every animal deserves to live. By working with people, implementing life-saving programs, and treating each life as precious, we have created an organization that positively effects the lives of countless animals and the people that care about them.


TOMCAT SOLUTIONS is a group of experienced TNR volunteers who have made a commitment to curb cat overpopulation by providing continued TNR and Barncat services on the upper-shore.

We are a non-profit corporation affiliated with Chesapeake Charities in Centreville, MD, which provides us with a 501(c)(3) status, allowing us to accept tax-deductible donations.





The ongoing vision of  The Midshore Recovering Veterans Group is dynamic.  They look to serve the needs of Veterans in any way they can.  This would include providing wheelchairs, handicap ramps and the like, to something as simple as toiletries and other small incidentals.  The group may also be able to provide food, gas, transportation and other services for those Veterans in dire need.

Additionally, realizing the importance of the entire family in the total recovery process, the group wants to include family members in many of the activities.  This would include family picnics and nature hikes, family night at the movies, and bowling and a pizza night! http://www.msrvg.com/msrvg.com/Welcome.html


Talbot Humane provides a safe and healthy environment for unwanted companion animals in its care; places adoptable companion animals in good homes; protects all animals from cruelty and neglect; and reduces the unwanted companion animal population through spay/neuter and educational services in Talbot County, Maryland. Serving the Community for more than 80 years!
Learn more.