Cover Your Chin 4 – Our Biggest Yet!

Another Cover Your Chin for Charity has gone down in the books in a bigger way than ever this year with over $24,000 in checks handed out at the closing ceremonies, and over 30k raised overall. In spite of the inclement weather the closing event was larger than ever with approximately 250 people in attendance.

Five contestants, out of 43 entrants, also known as growers, won awards in 4 judged categories and the overall money raiser was crowned.

The night kicked off with the existing beard competition that ended in an audience participation applause decision. Adam Theeke, dressed as a viking with helmet, large axe, and shield dethroned Brian Tyler, last year’s champ who was dressed as Captain Morgan and had the most dynamic beard manipulation to date.


Dave Ferraris brought home the best mustache award for the second year in a row with his ode to Ron Burgandy from the Anchor Man movies.


The partial beard category was highly competitive with its largest number of entrants to date. Ultimately, Jon Grow, a former mustache champion and theatric favorite for the last three years came away with his nod to the late George Michael.

The full beard category, the largest category year after year had a number of new comers this year, as well as some familiar crowd pleasing favorites. In the end, Henner Gibbons-Neff brought an axe to the beard fight, and won the best beard category with a display of lumberjack inspired bravado, that excited the capacity crowd.


The overall money winner saw the tightest race to date with Ron Vener, last years king in this category falling just short to of Will Chapman’s donation total. Each grower garnered over $3500 in donations and had over 70 donors a piece. Joel Shilliday, one of the founders iterated that this is what the event is all about.
“In an area with plenty of high dollar fund raising events our goal was to create charitable event that everyone could attend. This isn’t an evening for the wealthy to throw around big checks. It’s a party where the married couple with kids pulling in 60k a year can feel like they made a difference in their community with their donation. It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be.” Shilliday added, “But we’ll take the big checks too.”

Three checks were handed out with the charities with;

  1. $4832.00 going to Chesapeake Cats and Dogs,
  2. $8,487.00 going to Talbot Mentors, and
  3. $10,832.00 going to the Emergency Veterans Fund for Talbot County.

Theeke, another of the founders stated, “This is what it is all about. One of our beneficiaries was crying. This money matters to them. And it matters greatly. That has been our goal from the start. Help those in need.”

The totals were based on the choice of the donors, and the funds were allocated accordingly. The Nate Southworth Humanitarian fund, which will be used to aid organizations and individuals in need throughout the year garnered over  $4000.00 in its first year. Andrew Southworth, Nate’s son and the coordinator of Cover Your Chin, was pleased.
“This fund will help those in need throughout the year. We were able help some families that were in need this year, and we’ll be able to continue that. It’s what community is about. This is our home, everybody matters.”

A great time was had by all, and things look to be even bigger next year as the word is out about this once year party celebrating men, their scruffy faces, and benevolence.

In four years Cover Your Chin for Charity has raised approximately $70,000 for local charities.


Author: Joel Shilliday

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