Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do the shave and grow competition.
How long do I have? Is there a deadline?

You can have up to three months to grow your beard if you shave on the first day of the competition. However you can shave and jump into the competition at any time. Many of our Mustache and Partial Beard growers need less time to achieve their desired results.


When is the competition over?

The competition comes to completion in mid- January.


Do I have to declare your category?

Not until the final week of the event.

Do I have to shave my beard?

No. We have an existing beard category that will allow those who do not want to shave to not have to. But you do have to earn money for local charities.


What charities do you give to?

The charities can vary from year to year, but always benefit kids, vets and pets. We encourage charities to provide letters of need for consideration. We make decisions on charities in August and September.


How much money do I need to earn?

You are encouraged to earn as much as possible. The contest is about the charities, and doing right by those who need help. Donations to your beard are as easy as sending the link to the donation area, and the donor can chose your name as the “face” they want to donate to.

Do I have to come to the Closing Ceremonies?

No, but you will be missing a hell of a good time.