1. You must start clean shaven. Unless in the EXISTING BEARD CATEGORY. You can start any time after 12:00 AM October 19th. You must show proof of the date by holding a newspaper or some other articles proving date in the photo. 
  2. You must post your clean shaven photo to the official Cover Your Chin for Charity Facebook page. Or send it to (
  3. You must tell others about the contest. This isn’t Fight Club. People will want to know how and why you are getting progressively more handsome. Spread the word. We will provide you with a button you can wear, so in the first few weeks of scruff people know that you are a true hero. Once the beard settles in there will be no question.

Competitors will be organized into FOUR separate categories.
Partial Beard, Full Beard, Mustache, and Existing Beard.

  1. Each competitor should arrive to the event around 7pm for category determination and pre-judge mingling. The competitor should compete with facial hair “styled” as it was presented during mingle.
  2. The participants of each category will be presented to the jury which consists of four / five Judges.
  3. Each jury member will give a score of between 4 and 10 points to each entrant. Half points are possible.
  4. The score of 10 can only be given once by each judge in each category.
  5. The lowest points for each entrant will not be included in the total score. Three / four scores will be added, and this number assigned as participants score.
  6. First place must be decided clearly. In the event of equal scores, a second vote will be decided by crowd noise.
  7. Crying about decisions of the judges will be grounds for disqualification, shame, and no more beer.

Legal aids will include wax, hair spray, lubricants, and other hair cosmetics.

False facial hair and / or hair extensions are prohibited.

Grand Prize:

Title of: “CHAMPION of the 2016/17 Cover your Chin for Charity Beard Challenge” and all the rights and privileges that go with said title.

Full Beards

A full beard means facial hair on upper and lower lip, on chin, on cheeks and on sideburns,
without any un-natural or shaved gap.


Partial Beard

Get Creative!