Here are some of the Veterans who have been help from Cover Your Chin donations:

  • A 70 year old Vietnam Veteran has extensive termite damage to his home. Total costs for repairs was in the area of $10,000. We partnered with other veteran organizations to make the repairs possible.
  • A 79 year old Korea War Veteran who is 100% disabled need his bathroom remodeled to fit a wheel chair. Again, we partnered with other veteran organizations to get the job done.
  • Dan Erdell, a veteran who participated in Cover Your Chin two years ago on behalf of our organization, died earlier this year. We paid for a portion of his funeral expenses.
  • Another veteran needed bathroom repairs to make it handicap accessible and we were able to help pay for a position of these repairs.
  • We have also contributed to the Pleasant Day Adult Medical Day Care, One Vet One Day program. The VA only pays for 2 days of care a week so our contribution to the program helps to extend that care for a full five days.